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No Ads, No Films, But Still Living A Luxurious Life, Here Is Rekha’s Source Of Income!

The 80’s famous diva Rekha still has the looks and grace in herself that make even the new age on-screen characters fall in love for her. She is now 60-year old and did more than 180 films in her acting career which is just about four decades. One of the best performing artists of the Indian film industry made her debut in 1970 with the film ‘Sawan Bhadon’.

Rekha did beat Akshay Kumar record as she used to complete 5 to 6, or some of the time even 8 films in a year. Recently, she was seen in just 1 or 2 films each year. She is just seen on different occasions and not done any motion picture after ‘Shamitabh’, which released in 2015.

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The number of the film released has decreased but her lavish life is still on. She is living her way of life. Despite everything, she lives as extravagantly as she used to back in ’70s or 80’s. It is a big question coming in everyone’s head that how is she managing  to live this royal life without work. If not films, at that point what is Rekha’s pay comes from?

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According to reports, her bungalow is in Bandra, Mumbai.  Rekha has various properties in Mumbai and parts of south India from which she gets a decent measure of  Income. She is yet paid plenty for even the few numbers of movies she does once in a while.

Rekha is an individual from the Rajya Sabha so she gets the compensation and advantages from that activity. Actually, there was a huge discussion on her payment of hers as she is barely found in the Parliament. She charges a huge amount for showing up on private occasions in which she is welcomed by rich industrialists.

Rekha is known for amazing Sarees and the creators are talented and few are old gathering. We have seen Bollywood actors especially now, all spend immense number of money on garments and accessories. But Rekha does not have to do that.

Image result for Rekha on bollywood eventsRekha’s staff has been with her for quite a long time. Her secretary Farzana is always with her like a shadow. Rekha does not spend much on her company. As it is stated, “a penny spared is a penny earned”.

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