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Neha Dhupia’ baby girl Mehr Dhupia Bedi turns one and here’s what the mother has to say!

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi had got married in a private Anand Karaj ceremony in presence of their family and close friends, earlier this year! There sudden marriage had given rise to a lot many questions and speculations which were initially shut down by the duo but they later turned out to be true! Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi became parents 6 months post their marriage and their daughter, Mehr Dhupia Bedi has now turned one month old! Here’s what Neha Dhupia has to say!

On Mehr Dhupia Bedi’s birth, Neha Dhupia had shared a beautiful post on Instragam and had introduced her saying, ‘Mehr Dhupia says hello to the world’ Well, it’s been a month to this already as Neha Dhupia just posted a video of her little one ‘kicking it’ on turning one month old today. “Our baby girl … been spreading joy and kickin around for a month … happyonemonth our little Mehr …” writes Neha while Angad cherishes the moment as a little “blessing”!

Neha Dhupia had hidden her pregnancy for six months reasoning, “I was worried people would stop offering work. It was a good thing my bump wasn’t showing till the sixth month because appearances matter here, and one might be assumed to be unfit for a job. Fortunately, my energy levels are high.”

On Mehr’s birth, her dadaji Bishan Bedi too had shared a beautiful post writing, “U Little Beauty MEHR..another Lifeline for Grandparents…Both Maternal & Paternal..Aren’t we Blessed..?!! Yes All of it by Guru’s MEHR Only..GodBless Little One..Welcome to this Journey..Ordained by Almighty WaheGuru..!!”

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