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All You Need To Know About The New Gorgeous Face Of Vodafone U Ad Girl

Vodafone, a renowned name in telecommunication world has hired a new, super gorgeous model Banita Sandu who is 18 and studies in London. OMG! 18? Don’t you believe? Check out below.

The company launched Banita in their new project of Vodafone U Ad. The model comes from a Punjabi background but a third generation immigrant, her grandparents are from Punjab.

Sandu started her career as an actor since she was 11 years, but recently started working when the family moved to London last year.

The current Vodafone U Ad is her very first ad, which has been shot in Malaysia. Banita looks absolutely stunning in her very first Ad shoot and hats off to her confidence too! The scenic views of Malaysia added a charm in Ad as well. Miss Sandu is on her summer vacations and is concentrating on her career as an actress.  She stated, “I’m literally in Romania filming as we speak! I may also be coming to Mumbai this summer as I’m in talks with a few agencies and casting directors”.

This is how she appeared in the Ad:

super cute vodafone u ad girl

The hot model is very active on social media sites and loves to connect people who like her and her Ad as well. She is pretty much active on Instagram, famous social media site, these days and has posted many stunning photographs of her.

Let’s have a close look on her fantabulous photo sessions below:

gorgeous vodafone U ad girl

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