Nargis Fakhri may be dating director Matt Alonzo and Uday Chopra should better watch out !

Nargis Fakhri is trying to be a mysterious girl full of mysteries and is oozing loads of enigma. We are really trying to figure out that whether it is a put on act or a sort of a cover up by her just to throw the global media and paparazzi off the track so that they won’t pay more attention and focus on her. By the way, we are probably just wondering that where the heck is director and actor Uday Chopra? Matt Alonzo is also very astonishingly and quite understandably quiet and tight lipped about it at the moment.

Nargis Fakhri was lastly in the news in the last year in November 2017, when we had said that she has all of her bags and baggage’s and other things moved to the Yash Raj bungalow in Juhu Scheme, Road No 11. We had also told you the story It was very obvious, apparent and real that in those days the entire staff at that YRF bungalow used to address her as ‘Bhabhi’. Now coming straight to the point, is there really a twist in the tale like we’ve been predicting off late?

Last to last night roughly two days ago, we had seen that Nargis had apparently celebrated Matt Alonzo’s birthday. She shared a video on her Instagram handle @nargisfakhri where she kisses her rumored boyfriend director Matt Alonzo on his lips and also wishes him a very happy birthday. Though we aren’t really wanting to be saying things and commenting on the current status of her relationship with Uday (they have been on and off so much often lately that we have lost the count). But we would really like to know that where is Uday Chopra and why is he just missing in action or has he just vanished off? Does he know about this man who may be wanting to be replacing him in Nargis’s life?

After this Instagram video story, later in the day Nargis also uploaded a picture with Director Matt Alonzo where she was seen as kissing him on the cheek and captioned it as ”Happy Birthday #rollercoaster”.

This is also not the first time that Nargis has shared a post with Matt Alonzo. Even in the past, Nargis and Matt were seen to be raising an alcoholic toast of grey goose while sitting in front of a Christmas tree and she had captioned the picture on Instagram stating: “‘Tis the season to enjoy sharing food, fun and festivities with loved ones ! Merry Christmas Everyone! #GreyGooseLife #merrychristmas.”

Later, even Matt shared a picture where he was seen as posing with Nargis in Alaska. Talking about the picture, he captioned it, “@nargisfakhri Shout out to #santa #happyholidays.”

Even recently Matt Alonzo has shared a picture where Nargis was seen as posing with him on his Instagram handle ”@mattalonzo” where he has captioned that picture as ”#Lit! Wednesday”.

Matt Alonzo also recently shared a video story on his official Instagram handle ”@mattalonzo” where Nargis was seen in that video too trying to imitate him and his style which was a very cute and adorable video frankly.



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