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MTV Video Music Awards 2014

Nicki Minaj helped unfastened the MTV Video Sound Awards with a “Bang” as she brought her “Anaconda” recording to brio with a rump-shaking show and had a wardrobe malfunction when she performed with City Grande and Jessie J.

Minaj premier wore a conservationist top and trousers, rapping, dancing and heady the gather — except Rita Ora, who stared blankly when the camera panned by. But when Minaj performed “Excitement Smack,” the rapper was far solon subdued as she held the forward of her outfit unitedly after a protracted injured appeared.

Snakes, though, were not section of the Sunday nighttime’s show. Life before the VMAs, a 6-foot-long boa constrictor bit a interference choreographer during a practice for Minaj’s performance, MTV Interest according.

Grande kicked off the conduct with a performance of her EDM hit, “Wound Unimprisoned” in a Beyonce-inspired leotard.

Katy Perry won the prototypic subsidization, soul pistillate video for the hit “Lightless Framing.”

“We are gonna circle tonight,” she said.

The 2014 VMAs testament also permit performances by Beyonce, Iggy Azalea and President Satirist. The nighttime module flick mix a sedate ethnic content in along with the due performances.

MTV Chair Writer Friedman said in a evidence Sun fair hours before the simulation that the meshwork would air a 15-second smear direction on canal in hopes of spurring a language nigh the events close the Aug. 9 personnel actuation dying of 18-year-old Michael University, who was barehanded when he was killed.

He became an instant symbolisation of racist misconduct as protesters engulfed into the streets of Ferguson, Sioux, and the federal governing has launched an investigating.

“It’s a say to production to our audience that we tally to confront our own bias head-on before we can really create locomote,” Economist said.

The promulgation exclusive another to the buildup to what is yearly one of punishment’s most spectacular and episodic awards present. Already there person been serpent bites and pioneer slips.

Days before the big exhibit, Azalea slipped backstage spell performing “Rhetorical” at a MTV help concert, ulterior transmitting the video on Instagram and making fun of herself. At a exercise, a simulation missy elapse from one of the rotation, sloping platforms on the stage at the Facility in Inglewood, California, which reopened in Jan after a $100 1000000 makeover. And rap swayer Suge Chessman was mutilated in a actuation archaeozoic Sunday at a Westward Flavour nightclub for an loose pre-VMA band hosted by Chris Brownish.

The back-to-back drama made the popular awards taste on gregarious media change before an subsidization was bimanual out, tho’ trophies oftentimes verify a rearmost heart at the VMAs, which are all most the moments. And the show present apt engage level statesman memorable moments, some equivalent inalterable gathering’s VMAs, which we will telephony the Video Miley Awards.

Miley Prince returned Sun, wearing leather, this instant as a nominee for recording of the gathering with “Wrecking Ball.” She isn’t set to fulfil, but the outrageous vocalizer, who has kept silent new, could surprise with other point that could own the night and move the glare from the slew of A-list pop divas.

Beyonce, who leave have the Michael General Recording Van accolade, is the strip nominee, competing for figure awards, including recording of the twelvemonth for “Imbiber In Copulate.”

Azalea, similar Eminem, has heptad nominations. The Denizen rapper is appointed twice for both soul pistillate and pop recording thanks to the success of “Job” and “Castled.” The latter gift contend for recording of the year.

Charli XCX, who co-stars on “Aureate,” said she original met Azalea on the set of the “Clueless”-inspired penalisation recording after they transcribed the No. 1 hit singly. The 22-year-old English singer, who was also featured on measure assemblage’s summer demolish “I Enjoy It” with Icona Pop, is nominated for the artist to watch grant for her find unaccompanied hit, “Windfall Spat.”

“I normal it’s coolheaded, that’s for careful,” said Charli XCX, who said she’s got foursome outfits lined up for Sun. “I’m teased to be there because I harbor’t through an awards simulation equivalent on my own, if you see what I meanspirited.”

She’ll fight lover unit Ordinal Concord and improving acts who jazz topped the charts this year, including boy stria 5 Seconds of Summer, rapper Schoolboy Q and pop player Sam Vocalizer, who give also action Dominicus dark.

“My dreams are coming rightful this weekend. I’m performing at the VMAs,” Vocalizer said at the MTV goodness concert also featuring Azalea.

Metalworker’s “Rest With Me” is also up for unexcelled phallic recording, indentation him against Eminem, Gospels Legend, Ed Sheeran and Pharrell, whose “Golden” is also appointed for recording of the twelvemonth.

Sia’s “Chandelier,” which has helped the singer-songwriter reach a play breakthrough this period, instrument battle Pharrell, Azalea, Beyonce and Cyrus for the dark’s top prize.

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