Movies We Love Watching on TV that Were Box Office Disasters!

We all love watching a good film in the cinema hall. But every once in a while there are a few films which we fail to realize as watchable movies and don’t go to the theatres to watch them. It is sad for the producers of the film because they have to bear the losses but for us, we get to see them through another medium, that is, TV!

Over the years there have been some films that just did not work at all when they released but have been loved and watched over and over again when they came on TV. Here are the best of them:



If you even have the slightest interest in watching movie channels; especially Sony Max or Zee Cinema, it is literally impossible that you haven’t seen this movie at least once. The Amitabh starrer which actually has him doing a double role is played on these two channels at least 5 to 10 times a month, if not more. Obviously, it didn’t do wonders at the box office as it was released in that phase when none of Mr Bachchan’s movies did well. Yet, when it comes to watching it on TV, I haven’t met a person who hasn’t seen it!