Mother in Saree rules the road Barefoot and joins his son in ‘The Great India Run’

Iron man; Milind Soman he is the one who completed the toughest triathlon in the world has created a new record in India, he is in the breaking news of all news channel. We can say that he is the Usain Bolt of India HA-HA…YES! The Indian model turn actor and producer is a true athlete. He participated in a two-week-long marathon from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, which ends on 4th August.
Such kind of an athlete seems no need for motivation but as we say that behind every successful man there is a woman, Milind was motivated by his mum an inspiration to every lady who love his son to do better and better. 75years old Milind’s mum joined him for a bit at the final leg of the marathon.


Milind Soman is an inspiration for the youth. He is the true champion, a champion needs confidence, motivation, success and he has everything. He is a man of few words, this moment gets me some goose bumps Ops! This, lady, is not less than any man, a lady who gave birth to this true champion. The teacher was on road throwing her chappals away and tight her sari not just to motivate his son but to accompany him and motivate every youth of this century.
As this was not enough his mum not just participate with him in his run but she even ran barefoot and that too in sari WOW; Lady who lead the road with his son.
Thanks to Milind Soman who has struck the internet hard this year, who ran barefoot to Ahmedabad to Mumbai this was India’s first ever multi-city marathon.
If you are a fitness freak and have some goals towards your health here is the best idol for you. If he dosesn’t inspire you then who will!

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