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Malaika Arora & Arjun Kapoor’s Forthcoming Wedding Is Driving Salman Khan’s Family Mad?

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are the talk of the town as rumours about their forthcoming wedding are all over the news. The duo was spotted going on a date and walking hand-in-hand several times and are also looking for a property in Mumbai to settle down after marriage. All of this might be driving the Khan-daan furious and All thanks to Malaika Arora’s driver Mukesh and Arbaaz Khan’s driver Babloo for leaking their personal information to the Khan family. You’re wondering what the drivers have to do with all of this?

It is reported that Malaika Arora’s driver Mukesh is spilling the beans about Malaika and Arjun Kapoor’s relationship and all other personal details to his brother Babloo, who is the driver of Arbaaz Khan. Babloo then spills the beans to the Khan-daan and has now become a hot topic in the household, reported Spotboy.

Driver Mukesh was hired by Arbaaz Khan when he was still married to Malaika Arora, but after their divorce, Mukesh worked under Malaika and his brother, driver Babloo worked under Arbaaz Khan.

It is also reported that Malaika Arora blasted her driver Mukesh for leaking her personal details to the Khan-daan and has given him a stern warning to not repeat the same mistake again, reported Spotboye.


“Arjun first dated Salman’s youngest sister Arpita. He broke up with her and became friends with Malaika Arora who was married to Salman’s brother Arbaaz. That was when Salman began to get annoyed with Arjun. But the latter convinced Bhai that he would never do anything to hurt the Khan family. But after Malaika’s divorce from Arbaaz, her public appearances with Arjun and whispers all around of their impending marriage, Salman is livid,” said a source to Deccan Chronicle.


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