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Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Lokesh Kumari’s Amazing Transformation From Fat To Fit, Will Give You Major Fitness Goal!

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular and talked-about reality shows in India. The show has entered in its 11th season, which is doing great by the way. Bigg Boss is known for giving career boost to its contestants. This the reason everyone wants to participate in the show.

Lokesh Kumari

Last year, the makers introduced commoner participants, who were brought to stay with celebrity under the same roof. Bigg Boss Season 10 was even won by a commoner Manveer Gurjar. However, one commoner contestant, who caught everyone’s attention, was Lokesh Kumari. Her carefree attitude and the way she spoke have made her popular in the country. After participating in Bigg Boss 10, Lokesh’s life has completely changed. She has even transformed herself from fat to fit. The girl is a true inspiration for those, who are looking to shed some weight.

Lokesh Kumari’s Bigg Boss journey ended pretty soon, however she was able to leave an impact on people’s mind with her unique accent and funny behavior. Even host Salman Khan could not control his laughter. She was very cute and interesting contestant, but she definitely fell on a heavier side.

Superstar Salman Khan had advised her to work out for a healthier body. Now it looks like she took Salman’s advice pretty seriously. Lokesh Kumari has completely changed herself, we bet you won’t be able to recognize when you see her latest picture.

Lokesh started doing the workout in the Bigg Boss 10 house itself. Salman asked Banji J to help Lokesh in losing some weight. Lokesh started her exercise with cardio in Bani J’s instructions.

Once Lokesh was evicted from the house, she immediately joined a gym. Her Instagram profile is filled with her workout videos and photos. She has done lots of hard work to gain perfect weight. She can be seen running, jogging and doing cardio in the video posted by her on Instagram.

If that was not enough, Lokesh Kumari also does heavy weight lifting, push-ups, squats, pull-ups and much more to get her body in shape. The lady is doing everything from hip abductions to deadlift. Lokesh never misses a day in the gym; she is also determined to never gain weight ever again.

Healthy and Strict Diet

Just doing a workout is not going to help, if you are looking to stay fit and healthy. Eating healthy and strict diet is one of the essential parts of fitness exercise. Lokesh Kumari never speaks about her diet plans, but if we go through her Instagram profile, we had some idea about her diet. She drinks lots of fresh juices and eats a protein-rich diet. You will find lots of pictures of paneer tikka on her Instagram account.

Lokesh Kumari is an inspiration to many people. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone should try to stay fit. If you are on the heavier side and wants to lose some weight, don’t waste your time and hit the gym. You should work hard and take care of your health. Lokesh Kumari is a true inspiration.

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