Lacey Evans warns WWE to delete an awkward picture of hers

The feud between Lacey Evans and Naomi has been known to everyone. The two WWE stars turned to each other after Evans’ win against Naomi, which made the WWE Universe to vocally support and give Naomi her due.

Altercation between the two started when Lacey Evans immediately attacked Naomi after the former was declared the winner. The slanging match led to an impromptu match between the two. The match had, however, ended in no-contest when Dana Brooke and Tamina got involved.

Lacey Evans, on the following week of SmackDown, had beat Naomi clean right in the centre of the ring. Evans’ victory, however, sparked an online outrage among WWE fans who took to micro blogging site and made #NaomiDeservesBetter trend overnight. Since the Twitter outburst, Naomi and Lacey Evans have been engaged in war of words against each other across social media.

Things between the two get tensed when Naomi on Miz TV spoke about how she was disgusted by Lacey Evans’ actions. To which Evans slammed Naomi and made fun of her becoming famous for losing.

In the outrage, Naomi punched Evan in her face while the latter was applying lipstick, thus, starting a brawl between the two Superstars. Later, Lacey Evans rolled out of the ring and made her way to the back.

Naomi’s punched had smudged Lacey Evans’ lipstick all over her mouth, a photo of which was later posted by the WWE on its Twitter handle. Insulted and outraged by WWE’s action, Evans threatened the company to take off the photo or she would take paid time off if they don’t delete it.

30-year-old, American professional wrestler, Lacey Evans made her main roster debut in 2019 but hasn’t won a Championship since. Naomi, on the other hand, has been with the WWE for over 10 years and has won WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion two times in her collaboration with the WWE.

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