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KRK Fires On Befikre Latest Liplock Poster

Kamal Rashid Khan needs no introduction as his name is enough to make people go angry. Whenever he opens his mouth he receives millions of cuss words but he still he tops the category of the most unrespectable creature in the Social World. Lately, he criticised Aditya Chopra’s romantic movie ‘Befikre’.


Recently the makers have revealed the second poster of the Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor starrer ‘Befikre’. The poster was loved by millions of Bollywood fans except foul mouth person Kamal Khan. He took to twitter and question the morality of Ranveer Singh by asking did you laid while shooting with Vaani Kapoor.

Well, he never stops his gibberish talks for the sake of publicity. The moment KRK antagonist Twitterati got to know about his splash on ‘Befikre’, they backfired him. Eventually, he deserves such treatment as he is so addicted to it.

At the past, he had already targeted Alia and Sonakshi with his filthy tweets and lately he pinned about Karan Singh Grover’s third marriage.

Bollywood has been always replied him with strong comments but still it seems he doesn’t understand a single word of English. KRK has already gone to extreme heights in disrespecting people with insensible words. Few celebs remain quite just for the sake of not to get a tag with KRK’s name but still he couldn’t stop yelling at everyone.

KRK always does the opposite of anything that others says and soon found himself in his own trap. The worst part about KRK is that he didn’t limit his words till Twitter, he goes on to an extent by uploading weekly negative reviews about movies. Well, KRK does get views but the comments are really the funniest part in all.

This time, he pointed his mind gun on ‘Bajirao Mastani’ star Ranveer Singh and we are really waiting what the star has to say in his reply.

This is what the KRKs’ unhappy followers thinks about his tweets.

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