Do you know about the New Guy in Rock ON 2!

Bollywood celeb have been very eager to do movies and they are much into their role when they do their acting. If the movie does well on the Box Office then the Director will surely think on making a sequel of this movie, Well here whats the same with Rock On 2.


Just the other day wrote an article on the 8th anniversary of Rock On!!. Yes, the movie completed eight-frickin’-years and we still haven’t gotten enough of it. Even today I find myself going back to the movie, every time I am need some motivation. I also happen to jam on ‘Pichle saat dino mein‘ whenever I meet my friends from school. By now you must’ve figured how special this film is for me, or for the others from my generation.

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Murtaza Rangwala

Murtaza Rangwala is an entrepreneur and connector, as well as founder of Filmymantra.com. He's a frequent contributor for Filmymantra.com and provides startup advice on his motivational blog.Murtaza is a serial entrepreneur who loves building amazing products and services that scale. Digital Consultant and Social media Consultant for Leading Bollywood Movies and Celebrities. With more then 12Mn Plus followers on Social media. Have done a campaign for movies Like Sarbjit, Madaari. Engineer turned into Entrepreneur. @thatmedianerd on Twitter and Instagram

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