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Kareena Kapoor Gives It Back To Trolls For Condemning Her Feminism Statement

Kareena Kapoor, who is back with her movie, Veere Di Wedding has been in news for their movie being a controversial one! There have been several comments, jokes, memes and allegations put up over the dialogues as well the statements the actresses have made at events related to the movie!

Such was one statement that Kareena Kapoor made during the music launch of Veere Di Wedding! Kareena Kapoor had said, “I am not a feminist; I believe in equality.” Over this statement of her, she was terribly trolled over the social media and people made memes and jokes out of this statement of hers!

Recently, on being asked about her take on being trolled for the feminism statement, Kareena Kapoor said, “What was wrong in the feminism statement? I’d still say that I believe in equality and there’s nothing wrong in it. Most people think that feminism means male bashing and it makes women superior. That’s what they’ve always meant, otherwise why would they be fighting on Twitter every time.”

She continued saying that, “However, I would also like to add, that in a way, I am a bit of a feminist but I am a feminist in the right way. I’m not trying to say that men are lesser, because they are not. I believe it takes two to tango in any kind of a relationship. But then, main kuch bhi statement bolun, trolls toh shuru ho jate hain (whatever I say, trolling will start), especially when it comes to feminism.”

On being asked if her words were misinterpreted, Kareena said, “It’s fine. It doesn’t matter. The fact is, I do believe in equality. I do believe it takes a man and a woman to set an example. If you don’t have support from a man and vice versa, it would be difficult to have a family. I don’t want to get associated with any ‘isms’..I mean, why does something have to have a name or a tag?”

Well, rightly said ‘bebo’! Men and Women truly should be treated as equals without having a competition between the two as to who is better than the other!

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