Kapil Sharma Talks About Farah Khan’s ‘Mannerless’ Remarks


Recently, popular choreographer turned director Farah Khan was in the pretty bad mood. The filmmaker took a dig at Kapil Sharma for his invitation to Firangi premier.

Farah is a very cool person, who always comes in support of her friends and uses Twitter to spread positivity. However, she posted a pretty angry Tweet, where she called someone ‘mannerless’. It didn’t take media and netizens too much time to figure out that she was referring to Kapil Sharma, after all his movie Firangi was just released.

An angry Farah Khan tweeted, “Dear Mannerless people,if u want me 2 attend ur premier/preview/party DON,T send me a “ janta invite” on WhatsApp! U r not doing me a favour! The least u can do is make a personal call. If u cant find the time for it what makes u think i hav time 2 get ready n cm for you??!”

It was pretty shocking, as Kapil Sharma and Farah Khan share a very cordial relationship. Both of them are a pretty good friend. Farah Khan has also appeared on ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ and ’The Kapil Sharma Show’ multiple times. Their banter on the show says that they enjoy each other’s company.

However, 2017 has not been a good year for Kapil. He made lots of headlines for his mid-air fight with fellow comedian Sunil Grover. As a result of the fight, Sunil left the show and Kapil went into depression. Recently, Kapil Sharma has confessed that he was drinking a lot, as he thought only alcohol could help him.

His friends and the film industry gave him full support, as a result, he is back in the business once again. The actor is currently busy in the promotion of his latest film titled ‘Firangi’. The movie released last week and doing well at the box office window.

Finally, ace comedian Kapil Sharma has reacted to Farah Khan’s Tweet in his trademark style. According to the reports of tonyaps.com, Kapil was pretty shocked with Farah’s reaction. He further said that he hoped that his ‘big powerful friends’ in the industry would watch his film later.

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