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Kapil Sharma ABUSES A Popular Website Editor And Threatens To SLEEP With His Daughter!

Kapil Sharma and his antics have no boundaries. The ace comedian has been making lots of headlines for all the wrong reasons. Kapil has made everyone laugh with his comedy show for a very long time, however, everything is not same with him after his mid-air fight with the fellow comedian.


Kapil Sharma seems to have lost it. Ever since the mid-air fight with Sunil Grover, his downfall has started. First his show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ got off-air and then his film Firangi bombed at the box office pretty badly. Recently, he has come with new show ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma’, which has not taken a good start either. If that was not enough, he has been cancelling several shoots leaving many Bollywood stars waiting for several hours.

Amidst all the chaos and controversies, Kapil has landed himself in another huge controversy. This time he threatened and abused Vickey Lalwani, The editor of online entertainment portal SpotboyE. According to the report of SpotboyE, the comedian threatened him just because he was reporting about the shoot being cancelled. He even threatened to sleep with his daughter.

According to Mr Lalwani, the popular comedian has even abused and threatening him on the Twitter.

Here Are The Snapshots of Their Conversation:

Here is The Conversation Between The Two:

Kapil: Hello?

Vickey: Yes, who is this?

Kapil:  Vickey, this is Kapil Sharma

Vickey: Hi, Kapil.

Kapil:  I am Kapil Sharma, jiske baare mein aap bahut kuch idhar udhar likhte rehte ho. I want to ask you one thing, Vickey. Have we met before?

Vickey: Yes, sir. We met when you were doing The Kapil Sharma Show. You had given me an interview in your vanity van

Kapil:  I have always seen your articles. I also read you telling me regarding Firangi that I am a zero actor. Why you writing so negatively about me? Is there any particular reason?

Vickey: Sir, the main thing that has been going on is that you have been cancelling your shoots left, right and centre.

Kapil:  Vickeyji, maybe I am in depression, maybe I have some physical problem, you too know what I am going through.

Vickey: I would like you to clarify. Okay let me tell you. Let’s take your new show. You cancelled the Rani Mukerji shoot.

Kapil:  (Interrupts) How do you know that the Rani shoot got cancelled?

Vickey: It got cancelled more than once in a span of 2 hours. The children of Yash Raj’s Hichki were also supposed to join her.

Kapil:  Do you know that I was offered Yash Raj’s Bank Chor, and I had refused it because I didn’t like the offer. The film went on to become a flop. Why didn’t you ever write about that? Do you take money, Vickeyji? If you want money, come to me. Kutte ki tarah kyun likhte ho?

Vickey: This is not the way to talk.

Kapil:  Vickey Lalwani, agar tu mujhe mil gaya na, tu itna ghatiya aadmi hai, teri ma ch*d dunga main.

Vickey: You can’t speak to me like this.

Kapil:  I can. Tu itna harami hai. Teri news meri vajah se bikti hai. Mad**ch*d

Vickey: You cannot speak to me like this.

Kapil: Bhad**, mad**ch*d. Teri beti mere saath sona chahti hai. Likh na uske baare mein, woh bhi new bikegi.

Vickey: You cannot talk to me like this. It just shows your bringing.

Kapil:  Yes, my upbringing is like that. Now, what to do? You write lies that Dawood (Ibrahim) called me from Karachi

Vickey: We never wrote like that.

Kapil:  Behen ke la*de. Tereko koi janta nahin hai. Tu hit hona chahta hai. Are you the only one who has Dawood’s number kya? Mad**c**d.  Dawood me mujhe phone kiya! Dawood ki biwi ne phone uthaya (Lol, how can Dawood’s wife pick up the phone when Dawood calls?). 

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