Justice for Alexa Bliss trends; WWE fans start a petition

The WWE superstar, Alexa Bliss ended fight after ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt delivered a Mandible Claw to stunned Bliss on last week’s WWE SmackDown.

As per fans ‘The Fiend’ attacked Alexa Bliss to send a message to Braun Strowman as Alexa and Braun Strowman were involved romantically during the 2018 Mixed Match Challenge. Though they lost the tournament but a romantic angle started to began taking shape between them.

Fans are all in praise for WWE for bringing back the Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss story and involving it with the Strowman vs The Fiend feud. As per reposts this feud can go on for weeks, putting the two against each other at SummerSlam.

The Fiend had to make his blue brand return as he attacked Alexa from behind, trapping her in the Mandible Claw and leaving her unconscious in the ring to end the show. This was a big deal for the pro wrestling community and it also didn’t go down well with many fans, thus, making them to start a petition, seeking Justice for Alex Bliss.

To support their wrestling star, fans started a petition called ‘Justice For Alexa Bliss’, which started to make rounds on the internet. The petition says:

“On the July 31st edition of SmackDown Our hero Alexa Bliss was assaulted by a THUG named Bray Wyatt. The reason for this is to see the criminal brought to justice. Please sign this to see our queen brought get the justice she deserves.”

This assault on Alexa Bliss by The Fiend is said to be an attempt to lure Braun Strowman into fight with him for a WWE Universal Title shot at SummerSlam.

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