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It’s important that people’s voices are heard: Abhay Deol on MeToo movement

We recently are reading about the Tanushree Dutta Nana Patekar Controversy Row that had given rise to the #MeToo Movement in the Bollywood Industry! The #MeToo Movement now is at its full pace in Bollywood with newer stories and incidents involving names of Big Personalities in Bollywood coming out! The torch bearer of the movement, Tanushree Dutta laid a foundation so strong that all women have now been empowered to come out and reveal their stories to the world without any shame or fear! With shocking revelations coming out including names like Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor and Sajid Khan being accused of sexual harassment, it is getting more intense and shameful! Recently, Abhay Deol has put up his take on the Movement and here’s what he has to say!

Actor-producer Abhay Deol who is gearing up for the release of his production venture ‘Kaagaz Ki Kashti’ was interacting with media to promote Kaagaz Ki Kashti on Wednesday in Mumbai. Reacting on #MeToo movement that has gained momentum in India, Abhay Deol said, “It’s important that people’s voices are heard. There is a lot venting going on. It could be the beginning of the change. We have to reflect upon what’s next and how we utilize this anger and put it in the right direction.”

Abhay Deol said it takes a lot of time for justice to prevail. “That’s why there is so much of noise being made because one feels that he/she would not be heard in court,” he said. Eventually it has to change into ‘I will be heard in court and then the newspapers can report it’, he said. “That will be the ideal situation and hopefully #MeToo movement will head us in that direction.”

Talking about his upcoming movie, Kaagaz Ki Kashti which is based on Jagjit’s life, Abhay said, “It’s really a well-made documentary. It’s an intimate portrayal of Jagjit Singh who had an amazing life. It’s about how he got success in his career and about inspiration behind his creativity. Bramahanand (Siingh) has done really good job in the film. I am just a presenter of the film on OTD platform. All the effort is by Bramhanand who is the maker of the film. I am really happy the film is getting a theatrical release.”

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