Is the movie ‘Yeh Hai India’ Making Another Demand For Partition

Lom Harsh directed movie ‘Yeh Hai India’ is on the horizon of release however, a new controversy has surrounded the film. And the movie has faced a lot of backlash of this one particular dialogue which propagates the divide of India because the country is not able to provide security of its own tormented citizens. At 1:32 mark in the trailer you can see actor Gavie Chahal saying, “To bana dijiye ek naya Pakistan aur nikal phekiye bebas aur lachar logon ko”

Another side of the coin is that Pakistani YouTubers making videos on it slamming India and the movie saying that India can’t talk about peace after it sent its air force in Pakistani violating international air laws. A Pakistani YouTuber says did India forget how we showed mercy toward Abhinandan and sent him back, it was India that has been all about war.

The protagonist in the movie can be seen calling India ‘Garib and Lachar’ which is getting the movie tripped into a lot of backlash from the public.

The movie is trapped controversy form both sides. Director Lom Harsh and Gavie Chahal posted a video clarifying the controversy but the controversy continues to spread like wildfire.

The film is about an NRI who comes back to India and feels sick to his stomach when he sees the issue that has plagued the country. The protagonist decides to change the country by taking some irrevocable decisions.