Indians On Twitter Are Seeking Boycott Of Chinese Products

China put a hold on a proposal at United Nation Security Council to put a ban on Jaish-e-Mohammed’s chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. China blocked such a move for the fourth time.

A statement issued by the external affairs ministry in New Delhi expressed “disappointment” at the UN’s Islamic State and al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee being unable to make a decision on the move to sanction Azhar “on account of a member placing the proposal on hold”.

China has given its opinion on Masood Azhar and has blocked the bid. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, this is extremely disappointing.

Several Indians began demanding a boycott of all Chinese products and #BoycottChina and #BoycottChineseProducts began trending on Indian Twitter.

The move by China shows that they are willing to prioritize diplomatic relations over terrorism and therefore, it is important to boycott Chinese goods.

This is what they have to say: