Hrithik Roshan Shares His Fitness Mantra At A New Gym Inauguration

Greek God of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan is one of the most handsome actors in the Industry. He has a charismatic look and a chiseled body, which makes every girl down on their knees and fall for him. At latest, in a Gym Inauguration, Hrithik Roshan reveals about his fitness secret.


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When Hrithik was asked about his fitness secret, this is how Hrithik detailed it, “You have to put in your effort. Everyone knows what is good and bad for you. The only reason is, they are not consistent and not even me. What is important that you have to keep trying to get back into consistency. First, we get commit with the time and then let go. Actually the mantra and secret is consistency and to achieve that is all you need. The place is not important, it’s the person who trains you is important and I have learned a lot from Mustafa, who has trained me for over 1 year.”

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