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Hrithik Kangana Controversy: Farhan Akhtar Speaks In Support Of Hrithik Roshan!

Hrithik Kangana controversy is becoming worse and worse by each passing day and major drama started ever since Kangana’s sister Rangoli got involved into the matter. She posted snap of Hrithik Kangana together which is claimed to be photshoped by Hrithik, his ex-wife Sussane Khan and all Hrithik fans/followers. All this happened when after four long years Hrithik broke his silence on his ugly spat with Kangana. Hrithik said in a TV interview that he was never in relationship with Kangana.
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Hrithik’s ‘Zindagi Naa Melegi Doobara’ co-star Farhan Akhtar took stand for Hrithik in his tough time and supported him. Recently Farhan Akhtar a long message on his Facebook wall on Hrithik Kangana Controversy. Do read below:

In his message Farhan wrote a very logical and important point which made us think over and over again that who is an actual victim in this controversy.
Farhan wrote: “She claims they had an affair lasting 7 years and during that period, they exchanged a number of emails. 
While he denies ever mailing her, he has filed an official complaint, shared and submitted all necessary information and documents, handed over his personal phone and laptop to the concerned authorities. 
The woman has not. Apparently, she has avoided, till date, submitting her personal communication devices citing some reason or the other. 
In some past cases, this lack of cooperation has been deemed to be obstruction of justice. 
Handing over her phone and computer is not only the right thing to do morally and legally but is also the best possible way for her to prove she’s telling the truth. So why refuse or delay?
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However like Farhan Akhtar pointed out, nobody knows the truth. What do you think of the controversy? Do share your comments below and stay tune with us for all latest developments in Hrithik Kangana Controversy.

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