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Hrithik didn’t hacked Kangana’s account as per Forensic Report

As per Forensic Report, Hrithik is not involved in hacking Kangana’s  account

In the past one month, we have seen a lot of ordeal between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan legal battle. Kangana was the first to approach the police and claimed that Hrithik Roshan has hacked her email account in the past. As per the latest report, Hrithik is not all related to the person who must have hacked Kangana’s account.


According to a leading daily, the Mumbai Cyber cell has issued a forensic report which clears out that Hrithik has not used the mail id of and not even sent any emails from it. Earlier, it was claimed by Kangana’s lawyer that Hrithik has not only accessed her client’s account but also spread fake emails in media. The lawyer also alleged that he even intimidated her client.

Hrithik, since the very first day reiterated that he was not at all responsible for any such things and it was Kangana itself who is damaging his reputation in the market. In one of Hrithik’s notice he clearly demands a public apology by Kangana but she in returned lodged an FIR against him.




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A close source has earlier only reported that Hrithik is not at all involved in this case and it is definitely an imposter who has to be blamed in this. The source said, “We have gone through everything and it is now clear that Kangana was communicating with an imposter. Hrithik’s forensic report show no association with It’s evident that she carried forward her communication of 6 months with the imposter. We are convinced Hrithik is innocent.”

Now after this Forensic Report, it is cleared that, the source from the police has said the truth and the one who has been fooled is the case is Kangana Ranaut. Now, the time will tell how Kangana deals with this imposter. Hrithik, you finally got saved.

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