Hothur Shadab Wahab ace businessman/politician turns movie producer

One of the leading business tycoon of the country Hothur Shadab Wahab from South India took over the country with his brilliant business skills and knowledge in the mining world.
HSW later started his business expansion by investing in real estate and soon gained mastery in the same. His business skills soon became the talk of the country making him a renowned name in the entrepreneurial world.

HSW soon will be taking a turn to Bollywood having an eye of the tiger in recognising the talent and giving tremendous opportunities he does not supporting nepotism and has always given the deserving a chance to prove themselves.
Being a business magnate and carries business tactics soon will be venturing in the bollywood industry as a producer working with ace actors/directors.
Following his passion HSW is working on various brands and has a number of ventures making him a versatile entrepreneur that steps the idea of motivating the people, young entrepreneurs having large dreams and potential of achieving the same.
Leaving no stone unturned HSW took his business to the moons with such enormous ideas and executions also turning the evaluation of his business to the next level.
Having his degree in masters of administration HSW does have thorough knowledge about the ongoing market world. Having such a unique idea and building a brand based on his passion HSW’s ventures are considered to be one of the leading brands of its kind.
HSW this time is interested in investing in the film industry and soon will be seen producing a big Bollywood movie.
That’s right! According to sources he is in cahoots with various Bollywood directors and ace b’town actors and is just waiting for a good script to turn up in order to produce a movie.
HSW is presently planning diversification into fields like movies, Bollywood, petroleum and infrastructure and is known for his systematic and analytical approach towards any businesses.
HSW is investing in Bollywood as he feels today corporates have changed the industry by bringing him professional time and money management. He also feels that short films can generate high revenues having tremendous potential. He is keen on good scripts which are relatable to common man as he believes that short films are more appealing and has wider reach.
It would be fascinating to watch this business tycoon turn a producer. Hopefully like his entrepreneurship his career as a producer too will be a great one giving major blockbuster hits.
HSW established a foundation which is known by the name Hothur Foundation. The main objective of the trust is to provide education, support services, medical aid, clothing, mass marriages, maternity help, knowledge centers, blood camps, supports aid, wildlife support. The foundation currently is supporting women empowerment and helping in uplifting the acid attack victims.
Hothur foundation has collaborated with Meer foundation which is promoted by popular bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. The foundation is also indulged in conducting a number of programs like Vogue beauty awards, pride walk workshops, breast care awareness, camp for burn survivors, partnered with star dust awards and many more. HSW soon will be establishing a charitable school in Rajasthan with the government thus providing immense support for the welfare of the society.

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