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Bigg Boss 11: Hiten Tejwani Embarrassed With Arshi Khan’s Vulgar Song

Arshi Khan is one of the most controversial contestants in Bigg Boss 11. She can do anything to stay in limelight. From tearing her clothes to flirting with Hiten Tejwani, she has done everything in the house. Arshi Khan has always made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Last night episode of the most controversial reality show was high on drama. Bigg Boss introduced this week’s luxury budget tasks, where housemates were seen making allegations to each other. During the task, Priyank Sharma accuses Arshi of provocative behavior with other male contestants. He also accused her of flirting with every man in the house and doing gym in a proactive manner. Arshi became annoyed with these allegations and started shouting at Priyank, which led to a big fight in the house.

Priyank Sharma was slammed on Twitter for disrespecting a woman on the national television. Twitterati even gave some lessons to Priyank on how he should behave with the female contestants of the BB 11 house.

We wonder how Twitter will react to the unseen video of Arshi Khan. In the video posted by the makers on, Arshi Khan can be seen using vulgar words to such an extent that Hiten Tejwani had to cover his ears. In the video, you can see Arshi, Shilpa, and Puneesh in the kitchen. They start using abusive language in a very fun way. However, Hiten Tejwani, who is sitting in the dining area get uncomfortable and closed his ears with his hands.

If that was not enough, Puneesh Sharma started singing a vulgar song. Arshi starts repeating his songs very happily. She sang the song and said to Hiten, “you can close your ears, I’ll write and give you this.”

Seeing all these things, Hiten walks away from there. On the other hand, Vikas Gupta can be seen hiding his face with his hand in embarrassment. Vikas then told Arshi and Puneesh that the song will air on TV. Puneesh said that he is on the show for herself, not his parents. He is not scared even if it goes live on the TV.

It is not new for Arshi to do such things. She had an ugly fight with Hina Khan and Sapna Choudhary. Even superstar Salman Khan has warned her about her abusive language in the BB11 house. But if we go by her latest behavior, it looks like it is the only thing that keeps her in the news.

You should watch the video on or Voot app. In the meantime, Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma and Sapna Choudhary are nominated for this week’s eviction. Akash Dadlani used his shield to be safe from this week’s nomination. On the other hand, captain Bandgi Kalra used her special power to save Puneesh Sharma. Who do you think would leave the house this week? Who are your least favorite contestants in the house?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below. Keep visiting this space for more Bigg Boss 11 news.

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