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Here’s The Reason Why Rajinikanth Unfollowed SRK And Aamir On Twitter


India’s biggest superstar Rajinikanth has always been dwelling in fans heart and he always makes sure that they always remain happy. At recent, when Rajinikanth unfollowed Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh khan and Aamir Khan on Twitter it turned into a big news. Actually, Rajinikanth account got hacked and the one who hacked has taken to his twitter and followed the two khans.


At latest Rajinikanth’s daughter took to twitter to clarify the reason that, her dad’s account got hacked and it is recovered now. Soon after Rajinikanth’s got his control on his twitter handle, he immediately unfollowed SRK and Aamir. Since the past only, he didn’t follow the Khans and that’s why he unfollowed it immediately.

Well, Do you think that Rajinikanth needs to follow anyone? He is the one whom the World follows! Mind it!


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