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5 Reasons Why You Must Go And Watch Irrfan Khan Starrer Madaari

Bollywood latest release ‘Madaari’ has everything what a cinema aficionado really needs. It not has an interesting plot but has a unique bunch of talented actors. So, why not pave your ways to cinema halls and watch the much awaited ‘Madaari’ Movie. The story is woven around a pain-striking father who lost his son due to some political reasons and embarks on a path which shakes the entire political arena.

Here we have marked 5 important reasons why you must go and Watch ‘Madaari’:

  1. Irrfan Khan


Yes, the most important reason is Irrfan khan himself. He not only acted in the movie but also did a phenomenal job in promoting the movie in a most unusual way. As the movie story relates to each and every common man, Irrfan Khan has really done his best to be in common man shoes. He single handedly lead the movie on his shoulders by acting and producing. An Irrfan Khan fans will never give a miss to this as it is beautifully crafted a film.

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