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Finally, Virat-Anushka Patch-up With A Smile

Bollywood and Cricket are the best amalgamations we found in India. Celebrities from this two professions always have their crazy fan following. In a case of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli relationship, fans couldn’t be more upset to see them going apart as fans from both the sides love to see them together. It’s a great news finally, they both are again spotted together and having a good time.

Well. their love was not at all hidden from the media limelights. You all must have remember that moment when Virat Kissed his bat and pointed towards Anushka Sharma in one of his best cricket innings. Since then there were nothing left for rumour as it was all crystal clear that they love each other madly.

It was only in February this year, that we heard that the couple is having a hard time in their relationship. It was a phase when Anushka and Virat even unfollowed eachother on Social Media. During that time, Virat fails to perform on the cricket fields and the whole blame was pointed on Anushka Sharma.

So that was not at all a good time for the couple but from last one month, we have spotted them together. Recently, Anushka-Virat were having a dinner date in Mumbai. Soon, Anushka and Virat were again spotted at a Japanese Restuarant in the South India.
At latest, they are again in the limelight, as they are having a good time together in Bengaluru. We have got a hold on a picture, where Anushka-Virat spotted together with a crazy fan, they are together smiling in a selfie.

It just seems, the love of the duo is again back on the track and we just wish it remains like this forever.

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