This Guy Did The Best Marriage Proposal Ever And It Made Her Girlfriend Cry!

This Guy Did The Best Marriage Proposal Ever And It Made Her Girlfriend Cry!

Every Guy wants to make his girl feel special all the time. He wishes to marry the one he loves & spends his whole life with that lovely girl.

Dean Smith, a crazy guy who did something creative to make his girl, Jennifer’s birthday special. Exactly before a year to his girl’s birthday, he started making love notes with different ways of  proposal with asking her out to marry him. For all the 365 days, he tried 365 different of proposing her & made a video on it. On Jennifer’s birthday, he disclosed the video to her and made her jubilant.

This is how it all started!


Dean Smith, the crazy guy was waiting for Jennifer’s birthday.


Happy Birthday, Jennifer !

He waited for one long year, creating such devoted & dedicated way to make her girl feel special on her birthday. On her birthday, Jennifer got an instruction note from her sister along with birthday note, Jaclyn to go down to lobby.

She got more instructions on the way.


After reaching down the lobby, she gets some more instructions which she follows one by one & the last instruction was to go to the beach, where her father & step mother were waiting.

Her boyfriend got the whole family on this.


On the beach, her step mom asked her to watch the video made by Dean.


This was the first message she saw on the video.

Then the 365 day notes started to display on the video which made her cry.


Here’s the last note, the day before he proposed.

Then asked her to turn around….

… And as she turned around, she found Dean with proposal & she couldn’t resist to roll out her tears.

Lots of People cheered as he got on his knees & proposed her.

She said yes & everyone were invited to the wedding!

The tears were still rolling out, but the happiness was immense on her face .

And this is one perfect love story!



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