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Gucci Sells Indie-Pagdi For Rs. 55K, Got SLAMMED For “Cultural Appropriation”

The fashion industry is one of the weirdest places, which sells anything in the name of fashion. Time and again, we have seen several bizarre fashion styles that make us wonder the sheer purpose of the product. A similar thing has happened once again and this time it involves one of the most popular and luxury fashion brand Gucci.

Gucci has irked several people with its latest product. The luxury brand has started selling Sikh Turbans aka pagdis worn by Punjabis for Rs. 55,000.

According to the report, the Italian fashion brand is selling a blue turban via a luxury brand shopping portal named Nordstrom for $790.

The saddest part is that the turban sold by Gucci is exactly the same, which was worn a model walking the ramp at Milan Fashion Week last year, just a day after a Sikh man’s turban was ripped apart in a racist attack. The luxury fashion brand is getting lots of flak for their latest product for a very good reason.

People from the Sikh community are slamming Gucci for monetizing an object of faith and also blamed the brand for cultural appropriation and hurting the religious sentiments.  The Sikh Coalition said to NBC News,

“The turban is not just a fashion accessory to monetize, but a religious article of faith that millions of Sikhs around the world view as sacred,”

Gucci should have considered the religious sentiments of the product before starting its sell.

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