The Ghazi Attack Movie Review – A spectacular under water show

The Ghazi Attack Movie Review
The Ghazi Attack Movie Review

The Ghazi Attack Movie Review

Although war movies based on Indo-Pakistan wars are common but one with the premises of under- water battle is very rare. That is exactly what makes The Ghazi Attack stand out from the crowd of War movies. No doubt a lot of thinking and planning has gone behind the film which gives us spectacles under the sea with the submarines rushing, hushing and the effects are also worth a watch. There is guaranteed adrenaline rush which you will keep you on the edge of the seat. It will also evoke feelings of patriotism as you witness the animosity between the ace rivals India and Pakistan. But the film is definitely not without flaws. The major flaws come in the department of story and characterization.

Set in 1971, when Bangladesh was still East Pakistan, a secret mission was launched by Pakistan to get to this part of Pakistan. It was also the pre-war era for India and Pakistan which commenced with the under water attacks. INS Rajput is named as S-21 in the film while Ghazi retains it’s name. When the Indian Navy detects the intruders in the Bay of Bengal, they plan to crush it but how – forms the crux of the story here. In the plot we have six Navy officers beaming with energy and head full of strategies and a beleaguered soul named Ananya played by Taapsee Pannu who is a Bangladeshi girl. The Navy officers are played by Rana Daggubati, Atul Kulkarni, Kay Kay Menon, Om Puri among others. The lead officer who stands out is Rana Daggubati.

With the right amount of masala, excitement and intriguing plot, The Ghazi Attack progresses and gives us a ride full of thrill given that it is under water. Undoubtedly the audience feels the pressure of water and the gush of seas. Although low on characterization, the film is tremendously exciting in terms of patriotic elements and suspense.

Talking about performances, Rana Daggubati stands out for his personality, expressions and dialogue delivery. Taapsee Pannu calls for attention as she is the only female soul here. She is more than average in the movie. Veteran Late Om Puriji adds lot of depth to his character as the senior officer. Atul and Kay Kay Menon are aptly put barley few awkward scenes. The only complain that you might have from the script is there is little that too much attention was put to slaying of the Paksitanis than the story itself. The plot should have matured to a higher level as audience expects but unfortunately the ending is bit disappointing.

Direction by Sankalp Reddy, the movie is releasing in three languages Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. The director has put efforts and skill into making this film which cannot go without appreciation. Music falls short of expectations. Also the editing required to be little more crisp.

The Ghazi Attack Review : Last words

Watch The Ghazi Attack for the spectacles and a sneak peek into a chapter in history which went unspoken and unheard of.

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