Geeta And Babita Phogat Thrashed KRK After He Insulted Them On Twitter

Kamaal Rashid Khan, best being remembered as KRK, is now back in the news again. He is considered as the controversy king of social media and often proves that. He is also one of the Bollywood critics who mostly gets a good number of dislikes on his videos. Well, this time he targetted the Dangal girls over Gurmehar Kaur issue and he got the punch back.

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There are almost everyone speaks about Gurmehar Kaur’s controversy. One of the earlier ones were Virender Sehwag and Randeep Hooda. Virender was not supporting Gurmehar Kaur statement and soon he also got trolled over social media. To back up him Randeep Hooda came in supporting Virender’s statement. The latest in the list were Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari. They were also not supporting the statement of Gurmehar Kaur, who says that “Pakistan Did Not Kill My Dad, War Killed Him.”

Well, this didn’t’ go down well with the least famous critic KRK. As he slammed Geeta and Babita for their tweets against Gurmehar. KRK tweeted, ” was having the highest respect for Phogat girls but they don’t deserve it because They are born to live on govt incentives n benefits only.” He again continued with the tweet by saying, “If u r players n u consider urself pride of nation then don’t do politics, n if u do politics to get benefits then don’t call urself players.

Well, he thought, he might not get the backfire, but the real girls gave them a befitting reply. Geeta and Babita tweeted in a right way and insulted him on his own way. They go on to say that at least we made India proud but not defame it just like you!

Here are the tweets of Geeta and Babita:

Overall, KRK got the best piece of advice from these two talented girls. We hope he will think thousand times before uttering any single word to them!

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