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Games Of Thrones Finally Ends, Fans Turns To Twitter To Express Their Feelings

Finally, the time has come to say a final goodbye to our beloved show Game of Thrones and we can’t control our emotions. The show has become part of our life for years. From binge-watching before the start of every season to waking up early morning to watch the show in order to avoid spoilers, our life won’t be the same.

The fight for the iron thrones has been a long journey with many fan-favorite characters biting the dust in the process. Nevertheless, as every good thing comes to an end, Game of Thrones is no different. As the show aired its final and last episode, we need to say a final goodbye. Our life won’t be the same, but it had to end.

The final season of Game of Thrones received a mixed response from the fans, who sometimes slammed makers. Some of them even started an online petition to remake the entire GOT final season. However, the last episode of everyone’s favorite GOT has united all the fans. People soon took to Twitter to express how they feel as the show ends.

This Is How Twitter Reacted:

We can safely say that our watch has ended at last! Have you watched Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6? If yes, tell us how you feel?

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