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Former Miss India America Priya Patel to be the next big thing in Bollywood!

Alabama native Priya Patel, a medical student at St. George’s Medical School, won the hearts of all judges and audience members with her charm and took home the crown for Miss India America 2015. After excelling in studies and winning the beauty pageant, Priya now wants to follow her heart and do what shes always wanted to do.

“Acting appeals to someone that wants to be so many things in the one life we are given and aspirations like doctor, pilot, actress, painter, time traveller etc take a lifetime to achieve and acting allows you to vicariously live through those characters. Its an exciting idea to behold, the magic of cinema would always draw me into their world and for a few moments I live there too,” she said.

A dream that kept her motivated throughout her life and encouraged her to come out from major depression after her father passed away. She struggled to find herself again to fulfill her dad’s mantra of doing the most you can with this life, for others, and then for yourself.

Talking about success and fame, this dreamer has already appeared in several music videos and has over thousands of followers on her Instagram account. Making her presence felt in the Industry, Priya in 2018 collaborated with T-series for her music albums ‘Queen Bana Dunga’ by Aditya Narayan that garnered over 336k views on YouTube and ‘Yaar Banale” by Gajenddra Verma with over 1 million views.

The success of her album and her impeccable work has landed her so many projects from the big producers in the industry. With few projects already in hand, Priya is all set to bring her magic on the big screen.

Like all the others, Priya too is the die heart fan of the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. Talking about her ideal in Bollywood industry, Priya said, “I know this is a bit overplayed but yes Shah Rukh is my favourite… ever since I was little..growing up watching his movies but also because he is a very hard worker and a dreamer…he didn’t have contacts in the industry. Like many of start struck idealists, he encountered people telling him his aspirations were unrealistic. He never gave up, he made himself… and that is something I am very good at. Never giving up, whether it is studying 12 hours a day for medical exams or working in 3 degree weather in a dress for music videos.”

The humble and talented aspirant will definitely rule the hearts of Hindi audiences just like her ideal Shah Rukh Khan. With her mantra of success, “hard work and passion drive success,” this diva is definitely gonna rule Bollywood.

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