#FilmymantraQA – Will Shahrukh Khan’s Raees revolutionize the genre which has not been fully utilized?

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 #FilmymantraQA – Will Shahrukh Khan’s Raees revolutionize the genre which has not been fully utilized in Bollywood in recent times? [‏‏‏@AjayeSrkian]

taeo5rma00szb30xjxIf I understand your question correctly, you mean to see bringing back the ‘masala gangster drama’ genre back in Bollywood? If that’s the case then let’s go step by step.

 Yes, you are right that it has been quite a while since a mainstream superstar was seen in a gangster affair. Last couple of attempts where someone stepped in as a gangster were by Ajay Devgn [Action Jackson] and Akshay Kumar [Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara]. However, none of the two films could cover the distance. The last few successful attempts of a superstar turning a gangster were Shahrukh Khan [Don, Don 2] and Ajay Devgn [Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai].

 In that aspect, yes, Raees would mark the return of ‘gangster’ genre.

 Now coming to the second part of your question around the ‘revolutionizing’ of the genre. Well, that isn’t really on the cards because this genre is limited by its audience. A one off attempt in this direction can be digested for sure but it cannot become a trend like a, say, romantic or comic genre, something which would always be in the vogue.

 In nutshell, one expects an engaging affair in Raees, but not the kind that would turn out to be a trendsetter.

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