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Farah Khan INSULTED RajKumar Rao and got a CRACKING reply!

Bollywood has had so many deep dark secrets people do not prefer talking about! From nepotism to rumours and double standards of the industry, there are endless topics about which we hardly know anything! One of this topic is the selection of new faces for  films as per their skin tone, looks, features and beauty! RajKumar Rao and Farah Khan had a take over this ‘Fairness is beauty’ concept on the show TapeCast! The conversation grew intense with the duo having an argument over this bias practice!

RajKumar Rao said, “ I did not use Fair and Lovely. I was very proud of my skin colour. I am an actor. I am not here to sell my fairness. I used to laugh actually. I found those people so ignorant and regressive. They are still stuck in the era- hero matlab gora chitta 6 foot.”

He revealed how once he was rejected from a movie wherein he had to play the role of a Parsi. Farah interrupted him saying, “ But you have to look like a Parsi. No?.”

To which RajKumar Rao had a splendid answer. The actor said, “Naseruddin Shah had played a Parsi in ‘ Pestonjee’.

Farah Khan couldn’t keep mum over this allegation and said, “Naseeruddin has a Parsi nose and behaves the same.”

To which, the actor firmly said, “ I can even look Parsi. Nah?”

The war continued as the actor then gave an example of Robert Downey Jr. who once played a role of African American In ‘ Tropic Thunder’.

Farah Khan replied, “ Tereko Nepali ka role denge to?”.

The actor RajKumar Rao, with his perfect timing gave a bang on reply saying, “Aamir has played a role of Nepali in a soft drink ad.”

The entire conversation is in here:

He truly put up some light on the darker side of Bollywood!

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