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Expert Says, Rock On 2 Will Make 22 Crores In First Weekend!

Farhan Akhtar starrer film Rock On 2 is about to release at this Friday. This sequel film didn’t garner much attention like the first film but still the experts believe that the movie will run smooth in the first weekend. As per the experts, the Shraddha Kapoor starrer film will cross 22 crores.

shraddha-1 According to Bollywoodlife report, Expert Amol Mohan says, “The buzz around the film is decent considering that it is a sequel. A sequel tends to have a recall value that other films hardly get. There is an audience that is loyal to this franchise anyway and the first movie proves that, so I think that way, that nostalgic feel will help the film. The first film came out 8 years ago, but it is still relevant coz of the music and what they tried to achieve with the movie. Talking about the second part, the buzz is indifferent, but as I told it has that nostalgic value to it and because it is a sequel, there are a lot of boxes which are already ticked.”


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