Exclusive: Real Story, Unknown Facts, Life Taking Incidents Of Dilwale’s Gerua Which Will Give You Heart attack





We all madly waited for this song, the moment when the DDLJ jodi will come back in the aura which they rule and after Suraj Hua Madham they were back after years with ‘Gerua’, the pictures drove us crazy while the song made us spellbound and speechless. But shooting this wasn’t easy, nothing about this song was east, people’s expectation, Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol ‘the symbol of romance’, from lyrics to dance to shooting everything just brought a new challenge.

Here are the story behind the song and the unknown facts which bring your heart out!

Before all will start with one line ‘It’s not VFX, everything is real and if you don’t believe than do watch the ‘Making’ (link mentioned at the end of article) and for further you can Google the words like ‘Black Beach Island’ and ‘Northern Lights’.

1) Shah Rukh Khan almost lost his life!


While shooting under the waterfall sequence, King Khan lost his balance and it was Kajol who saved his Life and thus you will find SRK saying “I owe my life too you”; must say He just can’t stop getting romantic in any situation.