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EXCLUSIVE: Govinda’s COMMENT comparing Aamir Khan and Salman Khan!

Govinda, the undefeated comedy king of Bollywood has recently had an interview with a leading media house wherein he spoke about his times, the actors of his times, the movies of his times, his movies, his family, current generation stars and his plans ahead! Amidst all those questions, the actor has passed a slightly derogatory comment comparing Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, who were a one time hit Jodi but now under the “Khan War”! Here’s what Govinda said!

Govinda, who is ever known for his blunt and brutal, on the face remarks and his expression of opinion has just showed up yet another incident wherein the actor has just raised slight of a controversy by igniting the sparks of the currently silent, “Khan War”! In his interview, Govinda accidentally or intentionally compared Salman Khan and Aamir Khan’s work patterns and movies giving Aamir an edge over Salman! This certainly wouldn’t go well with Bhaijaan and his fans!

Aamir Khan had recently revealed that he is a Govinda fan, especially for his movie Sandwich. When Govinda was informed about the same, Govinda said, “Thank you so much for that. Haan, kahin pe interview de rahe they woh, usmein maine padha tha. Thank you so much for that. Aur mujhe to aisa lagta hai jo achcha artist hota hai usse raha nahin jaata agar woh kisi ka achcha kaam dekhle na. To usse raha nahin jaata, “Yaar is aadmi mein jo kamaal hai woh aur kisi mein hai hi nahin”. Jaise Aamir hai, uski jo thought aur uska jo hardwork hai jo cinema taiyaar ho raha hota hai, usse pehle ka jo hardwork hai, usey aaj tak log match nahin kar paaye hain. Ab Salman kar rahe hain, ab usmein woh hadd aayi hai jismein sincerity, woh dikhayi deti hai work ki.

Well, lets see what unfolds post this COMMENT! Stay tuned for more updates!

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