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Driver Sold His Taxi To Save The Girl Fighting For Her Life, What Girl Did Next To Him Is Absolute Priceless

People are born self-centered. It is parenting, guidance, maturation and community as well as a few psychological, physical and emotional factors that prompt people to be open to others perspectives as well as being ready, willing and able to care for others in general.

Some people are always in a hurry to go places and get things done. Other people prefer to take their time and live life at a slower pace.

But no necessarily all people are like this, some people are compassionate, and they also help the people to save their lives. Here it’s a story of humanity. Like the traffic on the road had started and a girl was going on the road suddenly, she had an accident. The girl was lying on the road, people saw her but nobody helped her, they went ahead.


The taxi driver looked that a girl was lying on the road and he came immediately to help the girl, put her in his taxi and took her to the hospital. The name of this taxi driver was Rajbir. Dr. suggested that the girl will have to be operated immediately, the cost of which will be 2.5 lakh rupees. The taxi driver did not understand what to do now, the taxi driver sold his taxi and treated her. The taxi driver’s house was running from his cab. The girl came to the senses and she went to her house. The girl was from Saharanpur whose life was saved by the taxi driver, and her name was Asima, slowly the girl got completely cured. So she thought of meeting that driver.

She went his home to meet the driver, and the girl told the driver that she studies and now its going to complete, The girl had to be awarded with the gold medal, the girl insisted him to come to the ceremony. The driver was upset as the condition of his house was also not good. Still he could not refuse.

On the day of the program, Rajbir went to the University with his mother and sitted at the back. The program started, and the President took the name of Asima first and called her for the Gold Medal.

Instead of going to the platform, Asima directly went to his brother Rajbir. He said that the person entitled to this medal is my brother and told about the accident that happened with her. The people became emotional after hearing the incident, Asima started staying with him. People should be like Rajbir and always ready to help someone.

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