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I Don’t Ask My Kids About Their Relationships: Shah Rukh Khan

We know how much Shah Rukh Khan adores and loves his kids. However when asked King Khan about his idea of happiness and having fun with his kids, he says, “My idea of having fun with my children is lazing on a couch, having chips and cola, and watching television. Don’t tell anyone, but there are days when we don’t even bathe. I have also watched Finding Nemo (2003) 13 times in the last five days, thanks to AbRam.”


When asked SRK if his kids are interested in acting? He states “Suhana wants to act. And I want to say this to every child that acting is not about Bollywood. You could do theatre, television or films. It’s an interest she has and she is good. So is Aryan. Suhana likes theatre. I will be a proud father if she does well.


Not many know that our King Khan prefers to stay away from his children’s personal lives. “The conversations I have with my kids are what I would have with my friends. We chat, laugh and we even grieve together. Gauri (Khan; wife) has all the parental conversations with them. I don’t ask my kids about their relationships,” he says.


Credit : Hindustan Times

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