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DDLJ’s ‘Raj’ gets a shout out from Swara Bhasker for making ‘stalking seem romantic’

On October 20, Bollywood’s mega blockbuster hit ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ celebrated 25-years of its excellent cinematic journey. The iconic movie of Bollywood that introduced world to the romantic genre of Indian film Industry showcases love of two young hearts; Raj, played by none other than King of romance and Simran, by beautiful Kajol. Helmed by debutante director Aditya Chopra, the film is one of the most loved romantic films in the history of Indian cinema. But as the team of this majestic film is enjoying all the praises and lauds, in accord with netizens, Swara Bhasker alleged that SRK’s online character Raj made stalking romantic.

This whole shouting out to Raj’s character started after Swara shared a couple of stills from the movie and tweeted, “Find a guy who looks at you the way Raj looks at Simran!!!! #DDLJ25,”, however, a user re-tweeted her post while pointing out some points from the film asking ‘Why women love creeps’?. User’s tweet read, “Raj does the following to Simran: 1. Lie that he raped her as a joke 2. Tears her clothes in public (accidentally, but who pulls a woman by the back of her dress anyway?) 3. Forces her to dance, and in the process gropes her and feels up her bare back Why do women love creeps?”

The tweet surely caught Swara’s attention who seemed in accordance with the listed points and alleged the Bollywood has surely made stalking look romantic. Swara tweeted, “Sadly u r are right.. I mean abt what all Raj does.. This is precisely the power of #Bollywood right? It makes stalking seem romantic. And we all are influenced by it – sometimes in the form of nostalgia & sometimes despite our own best intent. We all need to learn & change 🙂 :)”

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan had dropped a video clip from the film and said that this film always feels special, “25 years!!! Filled with gratitude towards you for loving Raj & Simran, with all your heart. This always feels special. #DDLJ25 @yrf” Whereas Kajol too shared a behind-the-scenes video and backed it with a caption that read, “Raj & Simran! 2 names, 1 film, 25 years and the love doesn’t stop coming in! I am truly grateful to all the people who made it what it is today.. a phenomenon and a part of their own history. The fans! Big shoutout to all of you #25YearsOfDDLJ @yrf @iamsrk,” wrote SRK.

For the unversed, DDLJ was made in 1995 with a total budget of 4 crore and the blockbuster. The movie had made collection of 89 crore in India, and 13.50 crore in overseas markets, hence, making the total collection of 102.50 crore worldwide.

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