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A Church Denied Burial Of Priyanka ‘ s Grandmother As She Married A Hindu!

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has having a tough time from last few days as her grandmother died recently, which led to a sudden shock for the actress. Priyanka, who was in Mumbai, rushed to the hometown Kottayam with brother Sidharth and mother Madhu. At latest we heard that, a church has denied to bury priyanka’s maternal grandmother Madhu Jyotsana Akhauri (Mary John), who was a Malayali from Kottayam.



Once, her mother has expressed a desire to be buried in a St John’s Attamangalam Church in her hometown Kumarakom. But, we heard that she was not permitted to buried because she was married to a Hindu.


This is what the Church spokesperson said, “She had broken ties with the church post her marriage to a Hindu, and she lived as a Hindu. One is automatically disowned by the church under such circumstances. She could have re-joined the church while alive. But once a person is dead, we cannot accept the body for burial.”

So finally, she was buried at St Thomas Jacobite Church at Ponkunnam. This is really an upsetting moment for Priyanka Chopra who is an emotional person in nature.





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