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CCTV Footage Of Paranormal Activity! GHOST Saves A Girl From An Accident

Superhero and vampire exists or not is a topic of long debate. Whether you believe it or not, but you can’t change the facts that there are several stories or events, which prove their existence (or does it). There are several stories or videos, which freaks us to the core. You may have seen few videos of paranormal activity, which scares everyone including bravest.

Currently, a video is going viral on the social media and internet. In the video, a girl is saved by a man. The man comes from nowhere and saves the girl in the nano-second and then disappeared. In the video, a girl can be seen looking to cross a busy road while two cars come in high speed. The girl saved herself from one car, but as soon as she moves a little further the second cars come in. However, before the second car could hit her, a man comes in high speed and saves the girl in flash. The man looks like the DC superhero Flash. His action has caught everyone’s attention.

The superfast man picks the girl and put her at the side of the road in a matter of seconds. The man saved her life at a flashing speed. The incident shook the girl, as she was still figuring out what happened. Even driver of the car seemed shell-shocked.

Watch the video:

We can’t verify the authenticity of the incident as well as the video. The video clip is fake or not, we don’t have any idea about that either. However, the video did freak us out. What do you think, people! Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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