After BreakUp Ankita Lokhande seems to be really stunning!

Murtaza Rangwala September 29, 2016

Ankita Lokhande has undergone a lot of changes in her personal life post her split from beau Sushant Singh Rajput. Right from her link-up rumors with co-stars to her image makeover, the actress was in news all the time. While we chose to ignore the former one, we did take a note of later!


We all were saddened by the reports which suggested that television’s sweetheart Ankita Lokhande and her long time beau Sushant Singh Rajput are no longer together.While we initially refused to accept these stories, it was only later that we were forced to accept it. The couple themselves had come out in the open to announce the separation and we are sure this was like a huge setback for anyone who adored them. However, as they say, time never stops for anyone, we are sure breakups too don’t mark the end of your world.


We are not making this statement for any random reasons. Her makeover posts this split has indeed been a remarkable one and we want to applaud her for this. Ankita, it seems has completely shed all her inhibitions and taken herself seriously now. We like this gal and would seriously ask you to continue it in future. If you have a chance to take a glance at the actress’s Instagram account, you will notice what we are talking about. Her recent pictures speak about her bold outings and how she has willingly embraced her new singlehood. Break –ups don’t matter and she proves it!


Ankita Lokhande at her residence soon after her split from beau Sushant Singh Rajput


The actress is all smiles, who says break ups mark the end of this world?


We think it’s high time Bollywood filmmakers cast this actress in their movies.


She does have a figure to die for and we wonder why hasn’t she flaunted it before?


She can rock the traditional attire as well.


The actress wore this formal suit for the premiere of Aishwarya Rai starred Sarbjit.


We hope she continues to smile ahead in future.


Didn’t you guys just love this new look from her? Straightened hair with front fringes, perfect makeover!


Hey, Ankita we loved your cat eyes and those gladiator heels. Though we would appreciate if you had a better kaftan to compliment it.