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Bollywood Stars Are Deeply Connected With Black Magic !! Here Are The Real Stories

1. Adhyayan Suman had claimed Kangana Ranaut being involved in Black MagicKangana’s former boyfriend-Adhyan Suman claims that Kangana was involved in black magic. Adhyan was quoted saying:

“Kangana took me to another astrologer called Pallavi who always gave positive news to Kangana and negative ones to me. She said my time wasn’t right and if I did certain pujas I would be fine. I didn’t believe in all this but Kangana insisted I listen to her. One day, Kangana called me at home in the night to do some puja. I reached at 11.30 pm as the puja was to start at 12. She had a small guest room in her apartment and she had covered it in black, including black curtains. There were some random statues of God, fire all around, some scary things (kept) puja. She asked me to chant some mantras, and locked me in. I was terrified. I didn’t do it and I came out and told her that I had. Then she started taking me to Pallavi frequently. One day, Pallavi said go to the graveyard at 12 am and throw these certain things. I was chilled to the bone! I didn’t go.”

2. Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz 3 

Vikram Bhatt had revealed that Raaz 3 was based on real-life observations:

“Raaz 3 is a cocktail of three true stories. One is about Shagufta (writer of Raaz 3), who has observed how people indulge in black magic to enhance their career. I know it sounds bizarre, but that’s the truth. Bipasha was in a stage in her real life where she was heartbroken and her career was declining to ground zero. With the landscape filled with new heroines, she had a terrible phase.”

3. Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina KaifIt is been reported that the former couple Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor went through spiritual cleansing process. It is been said that a friend of them did a very powerful black magic on them. It was so powerful that eventually the couple broke up.

4. A Superstar believes that two veteran actors cast spells on himIt is been reported that a Bollywood superstar performs puja both outside as well inside the jet as he believes that two jealous veteran actors did some black magic on him.

5. An actress tried Black Magic to destroy her Boyfriend’s careerA Bollywood writer was reported saying that an actress’ room didn’t have any hint of light. Writer also went up saying that the wall and ceiling of the room was lined with feathers, bones and glass ornaments. Actress admitted that she is learning black magic to destroy her boyfriend’s career as he broke her heart.

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