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Here Are The Bollywood Movies That Were Pitted Against Each Other

With less of Fridays and more number of films, Box Office clashes between films is inevitable. Everyone is scrambling for that space and positioning that will promise maximum gains. And as of now, Bollywood lovers are about to witness another clash of films at the box office. The films, Mohenjo Daro and Rustom are all set to release on the same day, 12th of August. Both the films are massive and star Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar respectively, who are superstars and have a huge fan following. Well, for now both the movies look promising but their fate will be decided once they are released.

When two films clash at the box office, it isn’t necessary that one film will always fail. Sometimes both the movies gather great box office collections, sometimes both fail and sometimes one becomes a blockbuster at the cost of the other. And this is not the first time that movies have been pitted against each other. There are films in the past that have released on the same date and some that will release on the same date in the days to come.
Let us look at some of these movies :

1. Lagaan Vs Gadar : Ek Prem Katha

In 2001, Ashutosh Gowariker‘s Lagaan was released on the same day with Gadar : Ek Prem Katha directed by Anil Sharma. Both the films had the element of patriotism in it and were exceptionally good in their own ways. Aamir Khan‘s Lagaan was critically acclaimed and Sunny Deol‘s Gadar was such a good piece of art that it became the highest grossing movie ever. Well, that shows both the movies were blockbusters!

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