Bollywood Actresses Who Shocked Everyone With Their Early Marriage

Bollywood actresses have a volatile career in the Film Industry as they hardly get their due just like their male actors. Their career span is much lesser than the lead male actors in the filmdom. We have ensemble a list of actress who really turns the table and made it big even after their early marriages.

Here are Top 6 Bollywood Actresses And Their Early Marriage:

  1. Dimple Kapadia – Rajesh Khanna


You won’t believe that all time diva Dimple Kapadia was married to late Superstar Rajesh Khanna when she was mere 17 years old. On the contrary, Rajesh Khanna was 15 years older than her and considered the biggest ever superstar in the 70s era. This marriage was the talk of the town which eventually ended up in 1982. Even after that, Dimple Kapadia’s career didn’t stoop down and she has worked in many biggest films.

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