Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai- Shehnaaz Kick Out Paras- Mahira From The Immunity Task, Paras Took Revenge

Bigg Boss 13 is getting closer an inch to Finale week, it is tougher to survive each day in the controversial house where everyone is behind strategies and revenge. Today there is an immunity task conducted among Paras, Shehnaaz, and Mahira. It is a shell task, if the ones come outside, they have to torture the participants so that they give up and lose their chance of immunity this week. Asim, Siddharth has to torture them whereas Rashami is the Sanchalak.
In the promo, we can see Asim Riaz trying his best to get Paras and Mahira out. Shehnaaz suggested Rashami to remove Paras-Mahira out from the task if they both keeps hands out.  Rashami evicted Paras and Mahira out of the task, stating that their hands were out of their shells. Video
Both the friends are not ready to leave so Paras asks Bigg Boss to give the decision. Bigg Boss says that sanchalak’s decision is the final decision.  Paras goes mad and angrily throws his and Mahira’s shell in the air.
Shehnaaz then confronts the duo that she planned to kick them out and they get even more irked. Later, Paras tries his best to get Shehnaaz out of her shell by putting all sorts of things on her. Later, he tosses everyone’s shells in the air.