Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan’s Brother Opens Ups The Truth Of Rashami And Arhaan

Arhan Khan has become the most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 13 after the revelation of his ex-girlfriend and kid. The former has got himself into trouble more than once. Some have slammed him mercilessly on social media, while some have tweeted in his support.

Arhaan’s brother Taj Khan, in an interview, he has clarified the situation of his brother over Rashami Desai. Taj said, “I know Arhaan is disturbed with what happened on the Weekend Ka Vaar. And so are we. All of us. Such personal things being disclosed in the public is unfair and a little insensitive. I know he is in love with Rashami and I’m sure he didn’t want her to find out about this matter on the national television. There are a time and place for everything, and as he told Salman sir that he always looked for the right time to reveal everything, but couldn’t due to his personal matters. And now it’s just a sad, sad situation.”

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Later he added, “Also, I’ve watched the episode where Arhaan was talking to Shefali Bagga about Rashami. And my heart dropped when I saw news articles taking his words in the wrong way. I know him, and when he said “Road pe thi”, I know he didn’t mean it in a literal sense. Arhaan entered her life at a stage where she was emotionally fragile and he proved to be a strong support system for her and stood by her. And that’s what he meant.”