BIGG BOSS 12: What!! No Celebrity Couple In The Show?


The launch date for the biggest controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 12’ is confirmed. It is going on air on 16th September. It is the most watched show on television and why not? Salman Khan is the host and everyone eagerly waits for the weekends to watch him hosting the show. The promos of the show are finally out and we see none other than Salman Khan making the announcement.Earlier there were reports that this season will have a total of 21 contestants where there will be 3 celebrity couple jodis and 3 commoner couple jodis (making it to 12 contestants). The remaining 9- 3 celebrities and 6 commoners will enter as singles.

The latest buzz is that there will be no ‘Celebrity couple’ in the show. As per news in a leading entertainment portal, “There will be no celeb jodis. 6 single celebs will enter the house. 5 commoner jodis will enter the show with 5 single commoners. Later on, the singles will be paired inside the house with the celebs and that is how the concept of ‘vichitra jodis’ will work.”The portal also reported that show might get postponed due to some technical issues. Reports also say that there is another twist that would be introduced in the theme. All the contestants will not be entering on the first day of the show. Some of the celebrities and the commoners will be kept in a separate house, adjacent to the main house. The rules of the main house will remain the same for all the contestants.

The exciting twist will be in Weekend Ka Vaar this time. In previous seasons we have seen Salman Khan interacting with the contestants through Me-TV, but this time he will be interacting with a blackboard. As per reports, Salman will be made to sit in a classroom where the screen will look like a blackboard and the superstar will interact with contestants through it.For more updates on Bigg Boss 12, watch out this space.